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25.08.2004   Astrorhythmonomy - a clue to forecasts. A new sight.

From the very early ages the man has always been observing the world around. There is a starlit sky with its seeming stability and subordination to the strict laws which stands out among all the diversity of nature.This, naturally, suggested the idea of supernatural character of the events occurring beyond the Earth surface. In order to explain it all the theories of every sort and kind were offered and dozens of philosophical concepts were created.

Making an attempt to solve the same problem which lots of generations dedicated their time and efforts to, whether we are competent to ask a question: "Does the Space influence the life on the Earth?". And if the answer is "yes", then: "To what degree?"

We are sure that the answer is positive. In fact the genesis of life on the Earth took place under the influence of external factors, such as gravitational and electromagnetic fields, radiation of different kinds, etc. The sources of those influences were natural causes and effects of the physical processes occurring both on the surface of the Earth and inside it, in circumterraneous space, near and distant space.

The further development of the life on the Earth is also inseparably linked with the processes going on in the external world. Every living thing, including the man, have adapted themselves to the features of the environment which, in turn, undergoes both inner and outer influences.

The overwhelming majority of these influences have periodic character. The following example proves it: alternation of day and night, the revolution of the season, etc. Even these few factors oblige the man and all flesh to function according to certain, set from the outside rhythms - daily, annual, etc.

The daily and annual rhythms are caused by the Earth's revolution on its axis and round the Sun. The Sun's influence on the Earth is not even objectionable as the Sun is the source of energy and life on the Earth.

Apart from periodic changes caused by the Sun there is a great amount of less noticeable periodic factors which influence the life on the Earth. Thus, for instance, periodic changes caused by the Moon's revolution round the Earth. This influence causes tides.

Another example is the perturbations caused by the planets of the Solar system which result in forming of corresponding rhythms in noosphere's vital activity.

Due to interaction all these rhythms influence the noosphere in a very complicated way. Without considering the mechanism of this influence, which is still a mystery, we can investigate the result of these influences, i.e. the noosphere's response to the external stimulating factors.

The well-known psycho-analyst Charles Jung and Nobel prize laureate physicist Wolfgang Pauli came to the similar conclusions. In 1952 they formulated a principle of the universal synchronism which refers to both microcosm and macrocosm.

Here we would like to make a remark. The degrees of the influence, caused by various natural and unnatural factors, upon the noosphere differ a lot. But, taking into account the laws according to which the processes going on in the nonlinear systems, we can draw a conclusion that even an insignificant disturbing factor is able to bring the system to a nonequilibrium condition. Practically all PS and the phenomena occurring in the noosphere of the Earth belong to such nonlinear systems.

The classical astrology is a unique "collection" of the effects of the external influences upon the man and the wild which have been collected for several millennia. The fact that astronomy, mathematics, and then physics and some other sciences derived from astrology and the fact that astrology remains a considerable phenomenon in the life of mankind prove that the ideas underlying astrology have a right to exist. The question is how we can make use of them from a position of modern knowledge and science achievements.

We reckon it is the subject of astrorhythmonomy From the positions of modern ideas about the world around it will be able to describe the whole spectrum of cycles and rhythms and formulate the universal laws which will let us describe any processes going on under the influence of external periodic factors of unavoidable character.

The Scientific Research Centre ERANA have achieved significant results in this field. Having analyzed periodic processes occurring in near and distant Space and an unavoidable character of their influence upon the noosphere of the Earth the computer models enabling the prognostication techniques have been designed. The latter allow to carry out both perspective and retrospective analysis of the processes occurring in the noosphere and forecast different phenomena with high probability which is sometimes several times as high as the probability of the methods not considering the periodicity of external influences.


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Astrorhythmonomy - a clue to forecasts. A new sight.


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